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Photo Milling FAQ

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Best Practice:  Image Selection and Preparation

Pick the Best Image, although we are often are stuck with the image we are given, it is good to know what to look for if you have choices.  Simple triage as a profile pose is much, much better than full face, actually any head tilt to the left or right is better than full face, as this minimizes the nose height issue.
Image Size, bigger is not necessarily better you only need about a 1 meg file, 1200x1600 pixels will do a great job, remember you can scale the surface if you need a bigger picture. 
Bitmap Editing, If you have access to bitmap editing software, you can reduce your photo size, covert to 256 gray scale, and also adjust any color disparities, before converting to a surface.  Fixing the identifiable errors before processing and make a big difference in the quality of the output surfaces.
The optimum Image would be one actually taken for this process.  If the photographer knows what you need they could set up the shot with the minimum amount of shadow.   Lights would be straight on, highlighting high features and leaving low features in shadow.  In extreme cases photographers, have used make up and have temporarily color hair white so that it will appear raised in the final surface creation. A black background is also helpful.



Not all photos will translate well into an engraving. Here is an example of a picture that does not work due to the following.

not optimum photo


- Heavy shadows located on the body will create large dips in the engraving. 

- Subject is too far away in the photo. Small details that create depth will not appear in the engraving.

- Details in the rocks and moss will not translate well



If you are unsure on selecting a photo we would be glad to assist you. Submit your photos or link and we can review them and let you know which ones would work best. Submit your photo here.

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