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CNC Machining and Moldmaking

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At Advance Plastics   we deal with all types of metals, woods, and plastics.

We offer custom milling and prototyping as a one time, or a machined production.

Prototyping can be a very cost effective method of doing real world testing.




Advance Plastics provides real CNC machined parts — FAST. Our subtractive rapid prototyping process combines traditional rapid prototyping with CNC machining to deliver the following advantages:

Speed — Get CNC machined parts at least as fast as you can get additive rapid prototypes.

Convenience — Advance Plastics brings the online quoting and ordering you expect from rapid prototyping to the CNC machining world.

Real material properties — Your parts are machined from real blocks of plastic and aluminum — not the "material like" materials used in additive rapid prototyping processes.
Improved surface finishes — CNC machining eliminates the stair stepping inherent in the additive processes.





At Advance Plastics we build most of our molds in house. This allows us to test, repair and maintain your molds without having to rely on other shops. Our customers get piece of mind knowing we will store and safeguard their tool.

We tailor the project to the customers specific needs to minimize costs. 

At Advance Plastics we guarantee our mold for life as long as we run the production.


Production Machining


Sometimes only a small number of parts a required. Making a mold for a part can be costly if there isn't a large volume being produced. For some of our customers a machined production is the answer.

We will machine your part on our CNC machine out of solid plastic or metal. Typically parts are more expensive than molded parts but you eliminate the upfront cost needed in an injection mold.

Not all parts can be machined, but we will suggest what is possible once we see the part/application.


Call us at 604-431-5551 or Request a Quote and we will be happy to assist you in any way.



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